Il giorno in cui la mucca starnutì

Il giorno in cui la mucca starnutì

author James Flora 

illustrations of James Flora 

translation of Elena Fantasia 


rights sold: English language 

collection: album



October 2011 

for children 9 years, pages 44, cm. cm. 21,5 x 28,5 

isbn 978-88-96806-142,  

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What’s a sneeze, after all? And the beating of a butterfly’s wings? The turning of a page? Imperceptible shifts in the air, tiny variations in existence, minor gestures… our world’s full of them. But sometimes, a tiny thing can have huge consequences. Young Fletcher the cowherd knows it well, after he had to leave Floss out in the cold as he went to chase a lightning-quick hare. The sneeze of a cow with a cold can do things that even a tornado can’t manage! A disastrous and amusing chain reaction, in which the mouse pushed over by the shift in the air falls onto the cat who falls onto the goat, who falls onto thousands of other things and eventually onto a steamroller which whizzes through the city and falls onto the big wheel at the local park, and then turns into a crackling Catherine wheel which rolls dangerously towards the sea and… Who’s going to stop this never-ending pileup? A classic of American illustrated children’s books, in Italy at last.