Il signor coccodrillo ha molta fame

Il signor coccodrillo ha molta fame

author Joann Sfar 

illustrations of Joann Sfar 

translation of Francesca Lazzarato 


rights sold: French language 

collection: comics



May 2011 

for children 6 years, pages 72, cm. cm 16 x 21,5 

isbn 9788896806180,  

non disponibile

“That day, Mr. Crocodile woke up with hunger pangs”. Absolutely famished, he springs up and begins his daily hunt. And endless negotiations too! How can it be that nowadays no beast will accept being hunted and eaten properly like in the old days, without putting up a fight? One day, tired of the increasingly common revolts and the cunning tricks of an entrepreneurial pig, he takes a major decision: he’ll move abroad! Only abroad will there be a place (at table) for him! So Mr. Crocodile leaves his native jungle, which has gone to the dogs anyway, and sets off for the big, modern metropolis, where there are plenty of supermarkets and people with good taste. Hilarious situations, amusing misunderstandings and night-time hunts are in store for him as he gets to know the absurd world of human beings, who are much more sophisticated killers than him. From a giant of French comic strips comes this fun, intelligent book that helps us reflect upon some key themes of our time.