Jack e la scatola

Jack e la scatola

author Art Spiegelman 

illustrations of Art Spiegelman 

translation of Elena Fantasia 


rights sold: English, Spanish, French 

collection: comics



March 2011 

from 3 to 6 years, pages 32, cm. cm 23 x 15 

isbn 978-88-89025-98-7,  

non disponibile

Mum and Dad bring Jack a surprise gift: what’s inside the polka-dotted box? Something wonderful or…terrifying? Out pops a wise-talking clown on a spring who provokes thousands of different reactions in Jack. He works himself up, gets into a rage, gets offended, surprised, splits his sides laughing. Every day he talks to, confides in and measures himself against the mysterious box. As though it held a friend. The imaginary friend which fascinates and disturbs adults so much. Once again, play and fiction break the barrier of reality and move ahead to utopia. To that different world, in which lamps are more valuable when they’re broken, and everything rights itself in the end. From Pulitzer prizewinner Art Spiegalman, a gem of a comic book for kids.