Quel che conta

Quel che conta

author Ruth Vilar 

illustrations of Arnal Ballester 

translation of Rosa Chefiuta & Co 


rights sold: Spanish  

collection: album



February 2011 

for children 6 years, pages 32, cm. cm 29 x 24 

isbn 978-88-96806-09-8, € 15,00 

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A postman who’s in love with numbers. He counts the doorbells he rings, the letterboxes, the letters, the stamps… Everybody calls him “The one that counts”. For him, the clock, the calendar, his job contract come second. First of all comes the tidy, reassuring sequence of numbers. But after delivering twenty-two eviction notices to twenty-one families who are resigned after twenty pointless court appeals, and having seen how nineteen eighteen-year-old boys torture themselves as they wait impatiently for seventeen letters from their sixteen sweethearts, he realises that the numbers don’t always add up. He comes to the conclusion that, since he’s learned how to count, now he also has to learn what counts. So, when three princesses offer to make two of his wishes come true, he settles for just one wish: a happy world.