author Spider 

illustrations of Spider 



rights sold: French language 




October 2011 

for children 3 years, pages 64, cm. cm 22,5x16,2 

isbn 978-88-96806-12-8,  

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Are you late for school? Call Lola! Got to move house? Call Lola! Got a cat on the roof? Your oven in flames? A broken-down car? Call Lola! She can do anything, and has a solution ready for every problem. Like that time when, to find water for a drought-afflicted country, she decided to lasso the distant, indifferent clouds. Because Lola does wonders with an aeroplane! She flies it with the same agility as when she used to swing from one liana to another in the thick, dark jungle. Because Lola is a monkey: didn’t we say? From Spider’s “burlesque” imagination, here’s a sweet, funny new tale about the marvellous monkeyish qualities that lie inside everybody.