La rosa

La rosa

author Ljudmila Petruševskaja 

illustrations of Claudia Palmarucci 

translation of Raffaella Belletti 


rights sold: French language 

collection: album



July 2011 

, pages 40, cm. cm 21x28 

isbn 0000,  

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“Suddenly a man started scent like a rose”. A pervasive and intense scent. Intrusive. Now it’s too late: everything inside his home and his palace and his quarter scents like a rose. Ad nauseam. Any other different odour is covered by this incredible scent: while they’re cooking, housewives can’t distinguish smell or stench; and cats can’t catch any mouse, because without spoor. Then many Professors of Botany make the man a living wonder to study and show off. Until he loses the scent. And the freedom. A short story about the power of smell -that Patrick Süskind knows so well- and the trouble of being special. This strange event told by Ljudmila Petrusevskaja is in accordance with the intense imagery by Claudia Palmarucci, an illustrator making her debut. Please note that the cover is temporary.