Un cane in viaggio

Un cane in viaggio

author Elio Pecora 

illustrations of Beppe Giacobbe 







March 2011 

, pages 36, cm. cm 19x30 

isbn 978-88-96806-05-0 ,  

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A journey in and out the town: at first, a dog leaves its owner’s house to fell into the Nature unknown; then, a poet flies on a very fine town observing its life. Girello the dog takes a chance, leaves the fixed bone for the adventure: during a night party among animals, he discovers the pleasure of playing music and he sings out together a thousand and one different voices. Under a blissful moon. Will Girello go back home? Like a bird, the poet glides down a wonderful Roma: luminous signs, mysterious alleys, coloured shops, vivacious squares, joyful fountains, palaces with a lot of people inside. In this town between traffic and gardens, animals are frenetic, people sigh, someone knock on the door. Do we welcome him? The illustrator Beppe Giacobbe inflames the verses by Elio Pecora: a very great couple!