L'isola di fuoco

L'isola di fuoco

author Emilio Salgàri 

illustrations of Luca Caimmi 


postfazione: Paola Pallottino 


collection: lampi



April 2011 

, pages 48, cm. cm 24 x 32 

isbn 978-88-96806-06-7,  

non disponibile

Next year, there are two anniversaries. The first one: Emilio Salgari dead on 25th April 1911; the second one is more known: on 21th April 2010 there was the ecological disaster in Mexico’s Gulf. All people remember the oil platform fired and disappeared into the ocean, and petroleum gone on until the coasts. We should stop the attention on this moment with a new book: an old tale by Emilio Salgari (to celebrate the centenary) is illustrated and interpreted by Luca Caimmi looking at our modernity. Like Cooper, Kipling, Stevenson, Conrad, Verne, Emilio Salgari wrote adventure’s novels and he is considered the italian forerunner of science-fiction. This tale is about a steamboat sailing the ocean: suddenly captain Watt look at a fantastic island that burning appears and disappears off New Zealand’s cost. An island of fire. This island becomes the american platform that catches fire and collapses. The project is to make a coedition involving also an ecological international association.