author BlexBolex 

illustrations of BlexBolex 



rights sold: French, German, English 

collection: album



April 2010 

for children 4 years, pages 180, cm. 20 x 26,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-92-5,  

non disponibile

Spring, summer, autumn, winter. In this latest book, Blexbolex takes us on an incredible journey through the seasons, letting us feel the live pulse of time. Blexbolex evokes the world in all of its constant, mysterious movement, through words and illustrations, objects and landscapes, people and animals, flowers and forests, ice and fire, storms and sunsets. While initially the words are very close to the images, as we read further into the book the distance between them grows, leaving more and more space for the freedom and imagination of the reader. Page after page, Blexbolex helps us to open our eyes. To rediscover and marvel at the world and the changes around us and, above all, within us. The world of our daily life, that of our memory, and that of our imagination.