La casa sull'altura

La casa sull'altura

author Nino De Vita 




rights sold: Russian language 




January 2011 

for children 10 year, pages 68, cm. cm 24 x 32 

isbn 978-88-89025, € 16,50 

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A green hill and, on its top, a house. The door is unsettled on its hinges, the indowpanes are broken, the dust dominates. It is uninhabited but not without life. Buzzards, heasants, wood-pigeons share the place with green lizards, black beetles, spiders. And woodworms. A boy, with black hair and the first signs of a beard, frightened and fugitive, takes shelter in the house. During the night he scans the dark, during the day he sleeps troubled sleep. He tosses and turns in the bed, then goes to the door and peeps outside. At the lowest noise he jumps and shudders. His only relief is the friendship with the animals which, scared at first, slowly come up to him. He shares with them bread crumbs, he pets them and plays with them. The animals, grateful, are on the lookout and when he's away they long for him to come back. Above all, the wind fanner and the crow. Even the woodworms stop gnawing. Then, one morning, the boy doesn't come back. Waiting is useless, even the following days. Animals don't stop to come and go: they want to know. At the end, they all understand their friend won't come back. Even the woodworms, which, in frenzy and rage, start to gnaw doors, windows and chairs again. And even the truss that collapses running over the whole house. This tormenting and mysterious tale, written by one of the greatest contemporary Italian poets, is about strong, ancient and always alive themes: the human being, nature and animals, betrayed childhood, love, friendship.