Favole al telefonino

Favole al telefonino

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 



rights sold: Russian, German and Polish languages 




June 2010 

for children 4 years, pages 36, cm. cm 21 x 28 

isbn 978-88-89025,  

non disponibile

“Fairytales exert an irresistible force of gravity on anyone who wants to tell children stories. They present themselves as a frame in which today’s storytellers can insert their own most important, intimate ideas. With their extreme malleability, fairytales carry an immortal narrative nucleus from one generation to the next, the origins of which are lost in the darkness of time, and mixed up with the very origin of mankind. We carry true forms of prehistoric life within us. Trying to contain them within the 160 characters of a text message is a playful homage, as well as an attempt to help them along their journey into the future. With the hope that the fairytales will take us with them.” A tiny, fulminating anthology that brings together some of the most famous fairytales. It revisits them, with cutting sarcasm and irony, in the light of a collective imagination that’s as fervid as it is savvy and aware.