Pronto Soccorso e Beauty Case

Pronto Soccorso e Beauty Case

author Stefano Benni 

illustrations of Francesca Ghermandi 







November 2010 

for children 9 years, pages 56, cm. cm 19x21.5 

isbn 978-88-89025,  

non disponibile

A law-defying love story, a challenge to the last traffic offence; an urban western with its foot on the accelerator. In the area of Manolenza -enter at your peril- love blossoms between a cute sixteen year old guy and a sweet girl with dangerous curves. A couple that’s madly in love, made for each other. He’s a motorbike whiz (although rather accident prone). She loves zooming along on his souped up racer, a Lambroturbo that can do up to 260 kph. Their love is so radiant that it lights up the whole neighbourhood. But there to put spanner in the works is Joe Blocchetto, the unforgiving traffic warden, whose motto is “God keeps track of your deeds, I keep track of your speed”. Even worse, he’s more determined than ever to bring order to the neighbourhood, once and for all… The moral? It goes against the traffic, naturally.