La zampa dell'ombrello

La zampa dell'ombrello

author Alice Umana 

illustrations of Agostino Iacurci 



rights sold: Russian language 

collection: album



July 2011 

, pages 36, cm. 20x20 

isbn 978-88-89025,  

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Umbrellas. The debate on their origin is ancient. Are they made to protect from sun or from rain? During the last century, mislead by this false dilemma, none noticed that they are a bat subspecies - the only difference being that they only have one paw, that humans call handle, because of their anthropocentrism. Umbrellas were once free to go around the world, they didn’t have the same shrill cry of bats, but their voice was melodious as a bird’s one is. They used to sing all together in gay and joyful chorus, until when the human birth called Moghnai decided to utilize the umbrella's singing. Umbrellas rebelled but were defeated and put in chains: the little but resistant lace that still today stops them from spreading their wings and make them slaves serving the humans. Several centuries have passed since then, and none could hear any umbrella singing anymore.