Il domatore di pulci

Il domatore di pulci

author Riki Blanco 

illustrations of Riki Blanco 

translation of Anna Ciamitti 



collection: stories and novels



February 2007 

for children 9 years, pages 48, cm. 22 x 30 

isbn 978-88-89025-44-4,  

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A trapeze artist who suffers from vertigo; an expert in Chinese shadows who’s afraid of his own; an awfully introverted contortionist; a stigmatic knife thrower. A tame tamer and a hypnotised hypnotist… From one of Spain’s most promising young talents, author of “A Book For Myopics Only,” fourteen spinning stories that intoxicate like a circus finale illustrated using shadow play and colours that are more blinding than spotlights. With wise and entertaining simplicity, these stories tell of the daily, familiar circus of life.