author BlexBolex 

illustrations of BlexBolex 




collection: album



September 2008 

for children 4 year, pages 208, cm. 18 x 24 

isbn 978-88-89025-66-6,  

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“More people enter, more animals you see!” cries the barker at the entrance to the circus big top. Nothing could be truer. There are five or six animals, but we spectators are the real show. Children, mothers, grandparents, loads of babysitters, and a bevy of young soldiers. Our carnival barker’s name is BlexBolex. His big top measures no more than 20 cm x 30 cm, but his array of human animals is truly impressive. Marine varieties -swimmer and surfer-terrestrial -bricklayer and metalworker- ferocious -thief and hangman-domestic -mummy and daddy- sedentary -hermit and dreamer- and migratory -tourist and emigrant. And let’s not forget the mythological and the fantastic, from the centaur to the phantom. An astonishing variety spanning space and time, a never-ending series of portraits that exult single individuals and their deeds. Taken together they serve to remind us that handsome and ugly, near and far, good and bad, white and black alike, we are all members of the same species.