author Armin Greder 

illustrations of Armin Greder 

translation of Alessandro Baricco 



collection: album



January 2008 

for children 11 year, pages 32, cm. 22 x 31.5 

isbn 978-88-89025-53-6,  

non disponibile

A man lying on the beach on an island. Alone, exhausted, naked. Even in this state, however, he scares the inhabitants. Nonetheless, they gather him up and lock him in an old abandoned pen, then return to their daily lives. But the man is hungry and asks them for something to eat. Now their fear begins to twist and turn. The stranger engenders disquiet. So the inhabitants decide to get rid of him and to build a gigantic wall all around the island to stop other strangers coming ashore. “The Island” is a powerful and piercing cry against intolerance. A parable about indifference and its candalous presence in our daily lives, that chips away at the wall of insensitivity and at our most stubborn forms of selfishness. A book for all those who prefer bridges to walls.