La valigia delle carabattole

La valigia delle carabattole

author Ljudmila Petruševskaja 

illustrations of Luci Gutiérrez 



rights sold: French language (reverted) 

collection: album



September 2010 

for children 8 years, pages 40, cm. 21 x 28 

isbn 978-88-89025-87-1,  

non disponibile

“Once upon a time there was a tailor. One day he got distracted and messed up his work: he made a three-armed jacket for one man; for another he sewed a big pocket on a fur hat; and for a wicked witch he made a dress that had the cuffs sewn together.” What a disaster. Not least because when he delivered the dress to the witch, she cursed him instead of paying him: he’d have to bear all those useless things himself! And all at the same time, forever. Or at least until someone else wanted them. But the witch said bear, not wear. No sooner said than done. The tailor took all the useless clothes and stuffed them in a suitcase, resigning himself to have them as inseparable companions. But suddenly the suitcase becomes a mysterious object of desire. First some thieves go after it, then the local crook snatches it. Finally, all the women of the city are fighting over it. Including the witch…