Il naso

Il naso

author Olivier Douzou 

illustrations of Olivier Douzou 




collection: album



March 2008 

for children 4 year, pages 60, cm. 15.5 x 20 

isbn 978-88-89025-61-1,  

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March and April. Seasons change and it’s cold time -tough times for noses. Commanding aquiline noses, snobby little noses, truffle-shaped noses, snub noses -all of them red, wet and primed for the fiercest of sneezes. Blocked, bunged up, and clogged, all with a single goal: to unblock themselves. The Great Handkerchief is what they need. Finding it will be a real quest. A difficult one, maybe even impossible, if it weren’t for the tongue. That nasally tongue -the Esperanto of cold-sufferers- who allows the graceful little French nose and the classical Greek nose to get along from the first word. An exhilarating, funny story where word play leads to hilarious equivocations. Olivier Douzou pays homage to Gogol, to Major Kovaliov and his nose, and perhaps tongue-in-cheek tribute to Queneau, Perec and Calvino’s “Workshop of Potential Literature.”