Aprite quella porta!

Aprite quella porta!

author Benoît Jacques 

illustrations of Benoît Jacques 

translation of Francesca Lazzarato 


rights sold: French 

collection: album



May 2009 

for children 6 years, pages 112, cm. 16 x 20 

isbn 978-88-89025-77-2,  

non disponibile

Exterior, night. A small, secluded house in the woods. A faint light flickering inside. Wrapped up in bed in the only room is Granny. As always, she’s waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to bring her her supper. And as usual, she’s late. But right on time, as punctual as can be, is the Wolf. More cunning than a fox, he thinks he’s found the way to get Granny to open the door to him. He knows she likes good food, so he’ll tempt her appetite. So off he goes, reading out a menu that would put the most talented chef to shame! It’s no good, the door stays shut. What the Wolf doesn’t know is that Granny has two weak spots: not only her stomach, but her ears too. In short, Granny is as deaf as a post. The Wolf yells. He hollers, he shouts at the top of his voice. In vain… You’ll need nerves of steel to keep turning the pages of this book - if you give up halfway, you might never find the key to the enigma.