Il grande Bum-Bum

Il grande Bum-Bum

author Gyong-Sook Goh 

illustrations of Gyong-Sook Goh 

translation of Rosa Chefiuta & Co 


rights sold: Koeran 

collection: album



March 2009 

for children 4 year, pages 28, cm. 23.7 x 33.2 

isbn 978-88-89025-74-1,  

non disponibile

My toy trumpet started all this trouble. Yes indeed, because Auntie Ansiolina (Auntie Anxious) isn’t called that for nothing! She jumps and jolts at the faintest noise - let alone the sound of my toy trumpet! In short, one day Auntie Ansiolina lost her senses. And she wouldn’t come round. I was desperate. Then I remembered my favourite book, “The secret of the seven mountains”, which talks about a universal remedy that cures all illnesses. I wasted no time and set off immediately. One, two, three… I climbed all the mountains. It was there I met Salterio, Ruzzolo, Capitan Fettina, Tintoretto, Singhiozzo and lastly the wise man Kikonoshe. Naturally, it was he who told me the secret of the universal remedy. But don’t expect me to pass it on. What I can tell you, however, is that in addition to bringing my Auntie round, I learned heaps of other things too. Even how to make less noise. But feel free to carry on calling me Bum-Bum. I’ve got used to it now.