La governante

La governante


author Edouard Osmont 

illustrations of Sara Gavioli 




collection: lampi



July 2010 

for children 6 years, pages 32, cm. 24 X 32 

isbn 978-88-89025-93-2,  

non disponibile

A murder. Totally unintentional, but murder all the same. The victim: the governess. Remorse, guilt, but above all, agonizing worry. Who will make the bed? Who will clean the house? Who will shine the shoes? And what's more, the governess was young: young and beautiful. Nobody will believe it was an accident, so it's goodbye reputation! So, the corpse. The corpse must be got rid of. Utterly devoted even when dead, the governess fulfils this wish. But she goes too far! And so her lifeless body mysteriously disappears from the trunk where it had been hidden. Confusion and amazement turn into panic and dismay when it turns up in the bed. But that's not all. It disappears again, only to pop out of the bedside table and then vanish again; over and over, utterly devoted, she reappears and fades away all around the house, at all times of the day and night. A black comedy classic is rediscovered, along with the governess’s corpse. A dizzy whirl of absurd, surreal situations in which Edouard Osmont's visionary flair manages to astound and raise a smile again and again. An irrepressible, exuberant black humour which is still vital and alive despite being a century old. Superbly interpreted with irony through Sara Gavioli's illustrations. In black and white, naturally. With a few drops of red. Blood red, naturally. A black comedy classic is rediscovered, along with the governess’s corpse.