L'albero di Anne

L'albero di Anne

author Irène Cohen-Janca 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 

translation of Paolo Cesari 


rights sold: French, korean, german, chinese, japanese, dutch, slovenian, greek. 

collection: album



January 2010 

9, pages 36, cm. 20 x 30 

isbn 978-88-89025-89-5,  

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An old chestnut tree in a courtyard, among the canals of Amsterdam. Beneath the bark lie thousands of memories. But the strongest memory is of a little girl -Anne is her name. The tree could only just see her. Bent over writing, sometimes her gaze rested on the branches of the tree, sparkling with raindrops in autumn, lush and verdant in springtime. And then her smile, like a flash of light and hope, lit up those dark war years. Until one summer’s day, a group of soldiers took her away. Forever. They say that underneath that tree’s bark, mould and parasites have settled along with the memories. And that the tree might not make it. But the most dangerous parasites are the moths of memory. The ones that would like to eat away the memory of Anne Frank, until it no longer exists.