Papà tatuato

Papà tatuato

author Daniel Nesquens 

illustrations of Sergio Mora 

translation of Francesca Lazzarato 


rights sold: Spanish 

collection: album



September 2009 

for children 8 years, pages 48, cm. 22 x 31 

isbn 978-88-89025-81-9,  

non disponibile

Daddy is one big tattoo. Tigers, elephants, birds, snakes, gorillas… they run all over his body, non-stop. There’s not a single centimetre of his skin that hasn’t been tattooed. They look brilliant, but above all, they’re magical. Just touch them with a fingertip and, better than the most hi-tech touchscreen TVs, the images come to life. And they tell stories. The sound might not be Dolby Stereo, but Daddy’s warm voice is just as good. They’re adventurous, fantastic, thrilling, terrifying stories. Sometimes I think that Daddy makes up every word of them. But then I remember that some of my dreams, and some of my fears, aren’t actually that different from those stories… From two of Spain’s most talented writers and illustrators, a hymn to the power of the imagination. And a warm welcome to a new publisher: “Ediciones A Buen Paso”.