At Home

At Home

author Lila Azam Zanganeh, Giovanna Calvino, Antonio Monda, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Marina Sagona 

illustrations of Marina Sagona 


prefazione: Lea Mattarella 





December 2008 

, pages 72, cm. 25x24 

isbn 978-88-89025-73-4, €,  

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A project combining artwork and fiction to lay bare the most private, hidden part of each of us: the home. “Home”, in this case, isn’t just a physical place. It reveals an emotional significance: the walls around this story are sometimes a refuge, sometimes a prison. Quite simply, they provide a mirror of the world around them. Small, daily objects are turned into “amulets that exorcise suffering”, and are depicted with a flowing yet startling style of painting. Objects reveal their contemporariness using immediate language which, at times, conjures up an Almodovar-style world: it is intense and yet light-hearted, describing a world of women who never give in. An exhibition of 40 previously unpublished works, and a book. Marina Sagona’s images are accompanied by four short stories, the authors of which have been inspired by her work. They share her journey and give their own perspective of home, each choosing one of the rooms in this surprising, intimate “At Home”.