La città bucata

La città bucata

author Satomi Ono 

illustrations of Yoshihiro Ono 

translation of Maria Cristina Gasperini 


rights sold: Spanish language (reverted) 

collection: millemillimetri

theme: recounting the present, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


March 2002 

for children 4 years, pages 16, cm. 10 x 16.5 

isbn 978-88-900693-2-1,  

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A black hole. It greedily devours everything we want to get rid of. Everything, even bad thoughts. Just when we have become accustomed to its presence, it suddenly disappears. Only to reappear, dark and threatening, in the sky, spewing onto our heads everything it has been forced to swallow. A story about respecting the environment, and our own minds. Prize: 2002 "Libro per l’Ambiente Award" Best Graphic Design-Text Compatibility