Il mondo invisibile

Il mondo invisibile


author F. Negrin 

illustrations of A. Ballester, J. Fisher, G. Giandelli, Gipi, Igort, G. Lussu, F. Matticchio, J. Muñoz, P. Scassa, Spider 




collection: ten-handed tales

theme: recounting diversity, recounting the present, big questions, stories of the visionary and the absurd, another point of view 


March 2004 

for children 9 years, pages 96, cm. 17x24 

isbn 978-88-89025-09-3,  

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Migrants and Children. Senior Citizens and Martians. Pirates and Tramps. Animals and Plants. They all live in an invisible world. Beyond the hedge, on the other side of the street, on the opposite side of the globe. But also at home. You need eyes to see, and a heart to feel. Pencils, brushes, watercolours, tempera colours… the ten illustrators included in this book, among the greatest in the world, used everything and anything to draw the invisible. Fabian Negrin, on the other hand, used a pen. Eleven extraordinary illustrated stories. Prize: Finalist, XXI Edition “Compasso d'Oro” Prize