Topissimamente tuo

Topissimamente tuo


author Francesca Lazzarato 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 





theme: other animals, recounting the present 


October 2004 

for children 6 years, pages 32, cm. 19x30 

isbn 978-88-89025-12-3,  

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Mice and seagulls. Dogs and lizards. Cats and butterflies. Yep, there ain’t no doubt about it; this is a real bestiary. An urban bestiary. And like all self-respecting bestiaries, it has its own moral code. Here however, there’s no need to go looking for moral codes in symbols and allegories. Here an ant is an ant and a cicada is a cicada. And the moral is as simple as it is profound. We share the city with other animals. Let’s learn to accept them, to respect them. Eighteen stories in verse, eighteen truer than true stories. Prize: 2005 "Fontelibro Prize for Poetry", 2006 "Libro per l’Ambiente Award" Best Graphic Design-Text Compatibility