Koki soldato sbadato

Koki soldato sbadato

author Biagio Bagini, Marcella Moia 

illustrations of Biagio Bagini, Marcella Moia 




collection: album

theme: war and peace, another point of view 


February 2005 

for children 6 years, pages 28, cm. 16.5x22.5 

isbn 978-88-89025-16-1,  

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Koki is ready to leave for the war. With his head held high he waves goodbye to the eager, applauding crowd. Their carrots will soon be safe! Piko, his best friend, sends up a cheer when he hears the first BOOM! From far away the bombs seem like fireworks. But on the frontline the explosions aren’t so nice and Koki’s upset. He is even more muddleheaded than usual. First he forgets his weapons, and in the end, he even forgets to come home. But are the carrots safe, at least? No, the war itself has consumed them all, and the people, who are getting hungrier by the day, are no longer as enthusiastic as they once were about the war. A story about friendship, about bunny rabbits, and about carrots. A way of talking with kids about war, its absurdity, and its painful consequences.