L'ombra e altri racconti

L'ombra e altri racconti

author H. C. Andersen 

illustrations of D. B. , A. Feuchtenberger, F. Ghermandi, M. Huber, F. Matticchio, L. Mattotti, F. Negrin, J. Olivares, S. Ricci 

translation of B. Berni 



collection: ten-handed tales

theme: big questions, recounting diversity, the difficulty of growing up 


April 2005 

suitable for every a, pages 128, cm. 17x24 

isbn 978-88-89025-19-2,  

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Two centuries after the birth of Hans Christian Andersen comes this collection of extraordinarily modern tales. From his most famous to his least known tales, the great Danish storyteller is still able to speak of us, of our times and our perennial concerns: The difficulty of growing up, the pain that comes with being different, the arrogance of those stronger than we; and these are only some of the themes that flow through these stories to which ten master illustrators and cartoonists have leant their talent.