In bocca al lupo

In bocca al lupo

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 



rights sold: French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Slovenian and Korean language 

collection: album

theme: another point of view 


March 2005 

for children 4 years, pages 28, cm. 20x27 

isbn 978-88-89025-18-5,  

non disponibile

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, grandma and the hunter. The characters are the same, but when you set eyes on the first illustrations you notice that this is something altogether different. The nature of the protagonists, the settings, the mood. Everything is different; maybe even the ending. An invitation to dance to the beat of a different drummer, to look beyond appearances, to look for the motivations behind the actions of other people. An open invitation from an author known for bringing commonplaces out into the open and up for inspection. Prize: 2003 “Alpi Apuane” Award, Best Illustrated Album, The White Ravens” 2004 special mention