La notte di Q

La notte di Q

author Michael Reynolds 

illustrations of Brad Holland 

translation of Elena Fantasia 


rights sold: Catalan language (reverted) 

collection: album

theme: other animals, war and peace, recounting the present 


February 2006 

for children 9 years, pages 28, cm. 22x22 

isbn 978-88-89025-29-1, € 12,50 

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The city of Q is under curfew. On the streets and in the squares an eerie silence reigns. But Sami has a mission to carry out. No, he’s not a hero. But on the other side of town they’re waiting for him - victims among the many victims-afraid and hungry: an elephant, two giraffes, a lion, and the other animals in the zoo. This really happened in the Palestinian town of Qalqilya. Before that in Kabul, Afghanistan. And before that in Belgrade, Serbia. Michael Reynolds’s riveting tale brings us nearer and nearer with every page to the discovery of Sami’s secret. The story is magnificently illustrated by one of our era’s greatest illustrators: Brad Holland, “the undisputed star of American illustration.” (Washington Post). Prize: 2006 "Ungari-Unicef" Award, Finalist; 2007 "Libro per l’ambiente Award", Finalist