Al solito posto

Al solito posto

author Pina Varriale 

illustrations of Francesca Ghermandi 




collection: stories and novels

theme: recounting diversity, recounting the present 


October 2006 

for children 9 years, pages 94, cm. 12x15,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-41-3,  

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Two vagabonds. Old tattered Gennaro is bad-tempered and argumentative. Sociable, extroverted Maurizio is a greenhorn without a hair on his chin and is fit as a fiddle. They eat out of Dumpsters, and their hotel boasts as many stars as there are in the night sky. Inseparable friends, every night they share the cardboard that serves them as a blanket. But Gennaro knows this is his last winter, and he wants to find his friend a family. Maurizio won’t hear of adoption, and he’d never ever .leave Gennaro…. Pina Varriale’s story and Francesca Ghermandi’s illustrations offer us all the emotions, the joys, and the misgivings that friendship entails. And, demonstrating great narrative intelligence, gives us a final twist that turns the entire story on its head. Prize: 2006 Amelia Rosselli Award, Finalist