Una rapina da 4 soldi

Una rapina da 4 soldi

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 




collection: stories and novels

theme: Laughter and smiles, recounting the present, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


May 2007 

for children 6 years, pages 48, cm. 19x21,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-47-5,  

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What happens if even currencies decide to make money? They’ve never worked for a living, so naturally their first thought is of a robbery. But they’ve not calculated one thing: being even more rapacious than they are, the bank manager has got in ahead of them and stolen everything down to the last cent. So when they find themselves in the vault all they find are the penniless Marco, Franco, Lira, and Peseta… A playful and hilarious story about money. And this time Fabian Negrin has gone over the top: he’s decided to include a hand painted coin with every book. Yep, because even if the money’s been standardized, each child is still an original.