author Giovanni Zoppoli 

illustrations of Maja Celija 




collection: stories and novels

theme: recounting diversity, recounting the present 


June 2007 

for children 8 years, cm. 19x24 

isbn 978-88-89025-50-5,  

non disponibile

Tinkers, rom… Or more hastily and dismissively, just plain gypsies. Gago is one of them. He’s six, and has quicksilver in his veins. He lives in a shantytown “in a part of the city where nobody goes.” He lives there with Betta, Geliana, Giasmina, Seriana, Milan, Milosc, and Jela, with giant rats, dogs, doves, roosters, sheep, and pigs. He has no idea what school is, and the only thing he uses a pen for is to draw. Marvellous drawings, but upside-down. A brief voyage into the outskirts of our cities, where we discover another world. Prize: 2008 "Libro per l’ambiente Award" Best Graphic Design-Text Compatibility