L'albergo delle fiabe

L'albergo delle fiabe


author Elio Pecora 

illustrations of Luci Gutiérrez 



rights sold: Danish language 


theme: big questions 


September 2007 

for children 6 years, pages 32, cm. 19x30 

isbn 978-88-89025-52-9,  

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The ears of poets and children. They hear voices that adults no longer do. The voice of a flame and of the wind, angels’ voices, teddy bears’ and animals’ voices, the voices of plants. And human voices, too. Eighteen poems brimming with love of life. All life. Verses that are simple and direct but never trite. “And the wiseman’s secret is perhaps to rest as he is searching among men what there is in yes and what in no.” Prize: 2008 Bologna Ragazzi Award - Poetry Category Special Mention, The White Ravens 2008, 2008 “Città di Roma per Gianni Rodari” Award Special Mention