Il libro sbilenco

Il libro sbilenco

author Peter Newell 

illustrations of Peter Newell 

translation of Marco Graziosi 


rights sold: French, English (UK & India), German, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian language 

collection: Peter Newell

theme: Laughter and smiles 


October 2007 

for children 6 years, pages 48, cm. 17x26,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-54-3,  

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A baby carriage out of control, slipped from its nanny’s hands, careens from one side of the city to the other. Daring encounters -more often than not, collisions- introduce little Bobby to the people that enliven the city. From the immigrant to the policeman, the tennis players to the workmen, from the newspaper boy to the lady out for a walk. But hurtling along faster than a go-cart the carriage soon arrives in the country and comes to a stop in a haystack. A book that runs downhill from its shape to its font, designed specifically for this project by one of the most astonishing artists of the early twentieth century, Peter Newell, whose books are precursors to the object-books of Munari and Depero. Almost a century after its release in America, Orecchio Acerbo announces the Italian debut of this authentic gem of inventiveness and elegance, to be accompanied by an international co-edition published in France, Spain, and Switzerland. Prize: 2008 Bologna Ragazzi Award, Fiction Category - Special Mention