Il mistero dell Antiche Creature

Il mistero dell Antiche Creature

author Jerry Kramsky 

illustrations of Lorenzo Mattotti 



rights sold: French language 

collection: stories and novels



November 2007 

for children 8 years, pages 56, cm. 25x24 

isbn 978-88-89025-55-0,  

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A big abandoned park in the heart of the city. Rocky crevasses, dry twisted branches, sand dunes, and slimy bogs… The kingdom of the Ancient Creatures. Maura and Rocco find it irresistible. Despite their fears, they’re hoping to meet Sirens and basilisks, chimeras and centaurs, hydras and dragons there. Or at least their ghosts. But, once they’re over the wall, they come up against a scary old man made of flesh and bone. It’s Eustacchio, one-time zookeeper, when there still was a zoo! He accompanies them on their journey as they discover the Winged Cat, the Deerfish, the Albino Trill, the Hare-Heron, and the Night Puma… A rich imagination and a longing for nature merge in this extraordinary and surreal menagerie.