Manuale dei calzini selvaggi

Manuale dei calzini selvaggi

author Pablo Prestifilippo 

illustrations of Pablo Prestifilippo 

translation of Rosa Chefiuta & Co 


rights sold: Spanish language 

collection: album

theme: Laughter and smiles, stories of the visionary and the absurd 


February 2008 

for children 6 years, pages 36, cm. 19x19 

isbn 978-88-89025-60-4,  

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“Did you change your socks?” Every morning, mother’s cry stops children dead in their tracks, obliging them either to lie through their teeth, or to arrive late at school. The situation is out of control. Accordingly, the European Commission, respecting the Kyoto protocols, has asked that a Manual for the Handling of Feral Socks be commissioned and distributed to schools everywhere. Knowing Is Preventing, is the motto. Compiled with extreme scientific rigor, the Manual describes the genesis, anatomy, psychology, habitat, social and sexual habits of feral socks. Statistical evidence and shocking laboratory results back up this rigorous attempt to dismantle a whole array of vulgar clichés and outdated prejudices.