La vera principessa sul pisello

La vera principessa sul pisello

author Octavia Monaco 

illustrations of Octavia Monaco 




collection: album

theme: another point of view, the difficulty of growing up 


April 2008 

for children 6 years, pages 48, cm. 21x28 

isbn 978-88-89025-63-5,  

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“There, that is a real story,” says Andersen at the end of his “Princess and the Pea”. Well, Octavia Monaco has had her doubts since she was a child. Having met numerous real princesses, she claims, she decided to investigate the matter further. What a surprise: she discovered that Andersen’s tale is a true story. The whole lot, except for some, let’s call them, “details.” The princess really was sensitive -not only to the pea beneath the pillows and blankets, but above all to the Prince’s indifference and the reticence of her future mother-in-law. Even the happy ending, though different from Andersen’s, corresponds to what really happened. Monaco’s princess, bright and independent, spots the trap and chooses freedom -happy ever after, free, beyond the castle walls, and far from the Prince, who really didn’t deserve her anyway.