Il racconto del lombrico

Il racconto del lombrico

author Nino De Vita 

illustrations of Francesca Ghermandi 





theme: big questions 


May 2008 

for children 6 years, pages 40, cm. 19.3x30 

isbn 978-88-89025-64-2,  

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Mayhem in the garden! From the slug to the bumblebee, the cricket to the mole, the snail to the earthworm, everybody heard what the farmer said. And it was no idle threat: it’s already happened in many a nearby garden. Something has to be done, the guilty party found, so that others won’t have to pay for the crimes of one. Almost everybody is at the meeting, all on the defensive: I didn’t eat more than a few seeds…I’m grateful for a blade of grass…A wee bit of fertilizer, where’s the problem…But somebody did it. The earthworm, of course, absent from the meeting… As evocative as Aesop’s fables, this is a verse story imbued with ancient wisdom on the past and present evils of democracy and justice, set off against Francesca Ghermandi’s vivid images. A simple, plainspoken parable warning against demagogy and the short-cut solution of scapegoats, a story that teaches growing children about personal responsibility. Prize: 2009 "Libro per l’Ambiente Award" finalist