Dall'Atlante agli Appennini

Dall'Atlante agli Appennini

author Maria Attanasio 

illustrations of Francesco Chiacchio 





theme: recounting diversity, recounting the present, memory 


June 2008 

for children 9 years, pages 112, cm. 15x20 

isbn 978-88-89025-65-9,  

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A boy, little more than a child. His mother far away, working in a foreign land. Occasional messages from returning relatives, some letters, finally not even those. Then, the decision to set off for that foreign land in search of her. Hunger, cold, and fear. But a happy ending -that leaves you holding your breath to the end. Title, plot, characters, all a tip of the hat to “From the Apennines to the Andes”, Edmondo de Amicis’ well-known story. But “Marco” has become “Youssef” and he’s not from the foot of the Apennines in Liguria but form the Atlantic shoreline, in Morocco. The Promised Land is not Argentina, but Italy. From one of today’s most remarkable Sicilian writers, a tale of adventure, and a lyrical, at times painful, account of the misadventures of emigration and the dramas of a mother and son separated. And an unyielding, radical condemnation of those who heartlessly exploit all of this. Prize: 2008 "Nino Martoglio Award" -children’s literature category