Il libro esplosivo

Il libro esplosivo

author Peter Newell 

illustrations of Peter Newell 

translation of Marco Graziosi 


rights sold: French, Spanish and Catalan and Brazilian language 

collection: Peter Newell

theme: laughter and smiles 


October 2008 

for children 6 years, pages 48, cm. 18x22 

isbn 9788889025680,  

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Late afternoon. The basement of a skyscraper. A boy playing with matches near a small rocket. Fortunately the rocket doesn’t blow up. But like a missile, it rears up and with minute precision shoots through the roofs and floors of the whole building. On one floor they think a ketchup bottle has exploded, on another that baby has overdone it with the soap bubbles. Some boys ready for a football game witness the ball explode in front of their eyes, an old grandfather napping before the fireplace loses his toupee. Twenty pyrotechnic portraits that recount daily home life with cheerful irony. Portraits in which images and text soar alongside the rocket, which, having perforated roofs and floors, obviously has no difficulty making a hole in the pages of a book. An opening, a little opening -one of Peter Newell’s many ingenious inventions- that allows us a peep into family life, like looking through a keyhole.