La città

La città

author Armin Greder 

illustrations of Armin Greder 

translation of Alessandro Baricco 

afterword by: Antonio Faeti 

rights sold: French, English and Spanish language 

collection: album

theme: big questions, the difficulty of growing up, overcome fear 


January 2009 

for children 12 year, pages 36, cm. 22x31,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-72-7,  

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“A long time ago in a far-off land, there was a big city where the sky was always grey and sometimes the winter lasted three years. A woman lived there. She had a child. A son”. Then war came, and with war, the death of the child’s father. Motherly love, sweet and tender, becomes stronger and firmer. And more protective. Trying to find a place where her son would be safe, the woman left her home and the city and took refuge in a far-flung place where she could take care of him. Until one night, when there was no moon, the mother died. And it was then that the wolves arrived… A fairytale for children and for mothers, which speaks of the courage, the hard work and the pain it takes to grow up and, above all, to let children grow.