Via Curiel 8

Via Curiel 8

author Mara Cerri 

illustrations of Mara Cerri 




collection: album

theme: the difficulty of growing up, big questions 


February 2009 

for children 9 years, pages 64, cm. 23,5x33,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-69-7,  

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Emma and Dario. Joy and gratification at being the special one. Then, curiosity, the thrill of anticipation, hesitation. Finally, assurance, complicity, tenderness, love. And, above all, the sure hope of being able to face the future together. But right when everything seems to be going right, come doubts, trepidation, uncertainties. And fear. Fear of being abandoned, fear of being alone. At times unfounded, these fears often replicate childhood anxieties and suppressed dread. For Emma: the solitude of her room. For Dario: the darkness of the basement-refuge but also prison. With tenderness and sensitivity, Mara Cerri addresses these feelings; she brings them to bloom, suggesting that we confront them together, the better to resolve them. A book for those who think that children’s sentimental education is just as important as their physical or civil educations.