author H. Böll, A. Camilleri, D. Daeninckx, M. Frisch, J. Kratochvil, L. Petruševskaja, M. Reynolds, I. Schulze, O. Tokarczuk, M. Vamós 

illustrations of H. Wagenbreth 



rights sold: German, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish and Russian language 

collection: ten-handed tales

theme: memory, big questions, recounting the present, recounting diversity, war and peace 


November 2009 

for children 10 year, pages 92, cm. 17,5x24,5 

isbn 978-88-89025-83-3,  

non disponibile

Israel/West Bank. United States/Mexico. North Korea/South Korea. Greek Cyprus/Turkish Cyprus. Spain/Morocco. Saudi Arabia/Yemen. India/Pakistan. Thailand/Malaysia. Botswana-Zimbabwe. Belfast. Baghdad. Hoek Van Holland. Padua. Famous or practically unheard of, large or small, there’s no trace of these walls in “1989”. Nor of the Berlin wall, for that matter. And yet they are undisputedly the protagonists of these tales. To look at them you’d think they were made from bricks, barbed wire, concrete blocks, electric current, infrared sensors. That’s just appearances. They are all held up by a single, wretched mixture: mistrust, egotism, fear, hatred. And a lack of imagination. Ten great writers lend their pens, along with the pencil of an equally great illustrator, to create one huge, ideal graffito against intolerance. The result is ten short stories rich in imagination and colourful evocations, to combat the menacing grey of the walls. For new, young architects who can replace the obtuse rigidity of those walls with the keen suppleness of bridges.